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Blitz TENT Mildew Remover

Posted by on 8/9/2023
How Blitz Was Developed
The problem with mildew on tents was that household bleach cleaned mildew off but destroyed the tent. Bleach would dry rot the polyester stitching and rob the tent fabric of the plasticizer making the tent stiff and brittle. Household bleach is a sodium hypochlorite. However, a calcium hypochlorite is 200 times less corrosive and is more stable and safe for the stitching and the vinyl! To manufacture this product takes a day of mixing and three days to settle. Because of the time and effort, to date, Shipp Chemical is the only company that is presently making a liquid calcium hypochlorite, Blitz Mildew Remover, and they do it primarily for the tent industry.

How To Use Blitz Mildew Remover 
Blitz is incredibly effective in removing mildew. Mildew comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Pink, orange, yellow, green, brown and black stains are usually mildew. Blitz can be diluted up to 1 part Blitz to 10 parts water. That is 25 ounces of Blitz with the rest water in a 2 gallon pump up garden sprayer. Mixing Blitz stronger will not hurt the fabric and may work a little faster. Start by spreading out the tent and spraying the Blitz on the dry tent. There is no need to scrub. Just let the Blitz sit and do its job. You can let the Blitz dry onto the tent with no problem. When you come back in an hour or so and the mildew is still there, reapply the Blitz and let it sit for another hour. Fresh mildew that is only a few weeks old should disappear after one application. However, tents that let the mildew grow for months in the storage bag may take up to three applications. After the mildew has disappeared, you may want to do a light rinse with a damp mop, that is if there is any chalky film left from the Blitz Mildew Remover.

Watch Out For Your Clothes
Blitz is a safe, stabilized chlorine with a shelf life of 5 years or more. However, it is still a chlorine that can take the color out of any clothing fabric, such as your shirt, pants, and shoes. Wear your painter clothes when using Blitz.

Using the Sun Can Help
It is not necessary, but moving the tent into the sun outside to apply the Blitz may help for really bad mildew stains. The ultraviolet light from the sun combined with the Blitz has an especially strong effect on the mildew.