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Posted by on 8/9/2023
How It Was Developed
Tent vinyl is made from petroleum therefore, any chemical that is petroleum can and will eventually turn the vinyl yellow permanently. So how do we get paint, tar, tape adhesive, asphalt, smoke, soot off the tent fabric without turning it yellow? Orange oils derived and distilled from orange peels are organic. They dissolve petroleum based stains without harming the tent vinyl. Shipp Chemical makes the only pure orange oil cleaner with no water or petroleum. The only chemicals added are a surfactant and a preservative. The surfactant allows the orange oil to turn milky in water and easily wash off with a damp cloth. Because Citro is made from pure orange oil, the cost is based the success of the yearly orange crop in Florida and Brazil. That is the primary reason no one else bothers to manufacture an undiluted, pure orange product like Citro. Citro is one of a kind.

How to Use Citro on Tents
Citro is primarily used straight or undiluted for removing paint, tar, adhesive, etc.. Just dip a cloth in Citro and rub. It will remove any greasy, oily, sticky stains on tent vinyl. If a renter brings a grill underneath a tent on a rainy day, Citro will remove the soot, smoke and protein grease left on the inside of the top. Spray the Citro on the affected area and lightly scrub. Because Citro has an emulsifier, water and a damp mop will rinse off all of the soot and meat grease. When using on small individual stains, do not put your fingertip in the cloth and scrub for more than a few minutes. The orange oil will also take the oils in your skin and dry out your fingertip. It may even cause the fingertip to split open if staying in contact too long, so wear petroleum resistant gloves for extended skin contact.

What Citro Can Do For Linens? 
Candlewax oil, meat grease, lipstick, and makeup are just a few of the oily stains on linen tablecloths and napkins that are a curse for cleaning. Even after they have been washed and dried, Citro will easily take out these oily stains. Just spray or pour on the Citro straight and throw in the wash again and those oily stains will come right out. No scrubbing is necessary.